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Use Your Tax Return For A Down Payment On A New 2019 Ford Vehicle!

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According to the IRS, about 73-percent of the more than 100 million Americans that filed taxes in 2018 received a refund and most averaged about $2,800 in their pocket. Whether you have reached that average, or you've received even more back for this year's taxes, why not use that money as a down payment on a new Ford car, truck, or SUV from Don's Ford?

Whether you're desperately in need of a new car because your old one is falling apart or you're interested in finally buying that new Ford F-150 you've always…

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What Are The Differences Between Leasing And Buying Your Next New Ford From Don's Ford?

You've found it; the perfect new Ford car, truck, or SUV. Now you have to decide whether you want to lease or buy.

While both options are viable, they do come with their own sets of pros and cons. Let's take a closer look to see the differences between leasing and loaning.

Upfront Costs

At the beginning, leasing will require less money up front. When you buy, you should have a larger down payment to help lower your final bill and will most likely end up spending more a month in payments than a lease. Leasing may include…

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Ford Protect Service Plans Are Ready To Provide You With The Peace Of Mind That You Deserve

If you've been driving for a while you have most likely needed to have your vehicle repaired or maintained. While most routine maintenance issues aren't too expensive, some of the auto servicing needs can reach high into the thousands.

We, here at Don's Ford, have something that will help alleviate the large maintenance and auto servicing bills: the Ford Protect Service Plans.

Purchase one of the many service plans available and you will have your service covered. This means no surprise expenses, no unavoidable or unexpected service bills, and a relaxed driving experience 


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How the Carbone Rewards Program Can Help You

At Don's Ford in Utica, NY, we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your experience with us. One way that we do this is by using the Carbone Rewards Program that provides real money that you can use on future purchases. If you choose not to use the Carbone Rewards Program, you are giving up free money.

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Save during the holiday season with our end-of-year specials here at Don's Ford!

With the 2018 approaching, the holiday season is in full swing here in the greater Utica, NY area. Now, if you're like many drivers here in Upstate New York, you're looking to spring into the new year in the next few weeks with a new set of wheels. Fortunately, if you're shopping for your next car this holiday seasons, you'll find plenty of attractive deals with our end-of-year Ford specials here at Don's Ford.


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