Ford Protect Service Plans Are Ready To Provide You With The Peace Of Mind That You Deserve

If you've been driving for a while you have most likely needed to have your vehicle repaired or maintained. While most routine maintenance issues aren't too expensive, some of the auto servicing needs can reach high into the thousands.

We, here at Don's Ford, have something that will help alleviate the large maintenance and auto servicing bills: the Ford Protect Service Plans.

Purchase one of the many service plans available and you will have your service covered. This means no surprise expenses, no unavoidable or unexpected service bills, and a relaxed driving experience for many years and miles.

Which Ford Protect Service Plan Should I Choose?

Ford Protect has eight different service plans available. Each one offers different coverage components, pricing, and year/mileage timelines. Here's the eight plans that are currently available:

  • TireCare - Covers tire repairs and replacements
  • DentCare - Covers smaller dents and dings
  • WindshieldCare - Covers cracks and chips in the windshield
  • TripleCare - Covers all three above plans: tire, dent, and windshield
  • PowertrainCare - Covers 29 critical engine and transmission components
  • BaseCare - Covers 84 vehicle components
  • ExtraCare - Covers 113 vehicle components
  • PremiumCare - Covers over 1,000 vehicle components, including wear and tear items

If you'd like to discuss which Ford Protect Service Plan you should add to your new Ford (or recently new Ford) vehicle, feel free to contact one of our staff members or visit our Don's Ford dealership at your convenience. We would love to help you figure out which plan would cover your worries and vehicle repair fears today!

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