Fix Chips in Your Windshield!

Getting a rock chip in your windshield doesn't have to ruin your day. But it can if you ignore it. The trick to dealing with rock chips is to take care of them pronto. If you don't, then they will have the chance to grow into cracks; and cracks are just no good. A crack will weaken your windshield and get in the way of your vision, forcing you to have to buy a brand new windshield. But if you take care of your rock chips as they happen, then you can avoid all of that. The cost of a rock chip repair is a lot less than having to replace your whole windshield. Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of the chip repair. It often takes under 30 minutes, too, and is well worth the time it takes to get it done. So, if you have a rock chip-get it taken care of. Contact our service technicians for more information if you have questions about this type of repair.
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